Thumbs Up for The Croc!

The Carnivorous Crocodile is getting some great reviews and we were especially pleased with this one from “English 4-11” (published by The English Association and the United Kingdom Literary Association). 

This brightly illustrated tale of a greedy selfish crocodile who won’t share his water hole with other African animals is not only a great and funny read for younger children, but introduces the ideas of sharing, community and working together.

The importance of conservation is explored at the back of the book and its purchase supports the work of Wildlife Conservation in Africa, so it could be used to explore issues beyond the storyline.

The language is rich and the author uses alliteration effectively to enhance the text. The ‘Carnivorous Crocodile who crunches creatures’ is outwitted by five flamingos, mischievous monkeys, eager elephants and gangly giraffes, who use their cunning and bravery to gain access to the waterhole.

At first the selfish crocodile falls for their trickery but even he can see that two enormous elephants don’t bear much resemblance to flamingos, as they claim, and soon realises that he is going to have to share with his fellow animals.

Recommended for animal lovers, adventurers, eco worriers, tricksters and children who love a funny story supported by bright bold illustrations. Age range: 3 to 7 years.”