The Mud Monster

Something was slithering through the forest, it was HUGE, it was HORRIBLE, it was…

All the African animals were afraid of the Mud Monster. They knew it was huge and they knew it was horrible. But none of them had actually seen it. Until one day… Set in the African rainforest, this is a funny and delightful story about helping each other, overcoming imaginary fears – and bathtime!

Supporting wildlife conservation in Africa

All author royalties from the sale of the Five Flamingo books go towards supporting wildlife habitat conservation projects in Africa. Have a look at what the books have helped to achieve so far…

The Five Flamingo Book Series

The Carnivorous Crocodile

The Carnivorous Crocodile

“DON’T GO IN!” cry the thirsty animals gathered round the waterhole. “There’s a carnivorous crocodile who crunches creatures like us”.

But five flamingos lead the way, and that mean old croc is about to learn a lesson he will never forget!

The Yum Yum Tree

The Yum-Yum Tree reveals a truly sticky situation. Baby monkey has climbed up the high, spiky, sticky trunk and can’t get down.

Every animal has an idea for coaxing her back to her anxious mother, but the little monkey refuses to move. However, the flamingos have a cunning plan as always…