The Five Flamingo Book Series

There are four books in the Five Flamingo book series, The Mud Monster, The Carnivorous Crocodile, The Yum Yum tree and The Fussy Flamingo. All author royalties from the sale of the Five Flamingo books go towards supporting wildlife habitat conservation projects in Africa.

The Fussy Flamingo

A story about one very fussy eater…

Baby Flamingo is a very fussy eater! “I don’t like flingo weed,” says Baby. “I’m going to find a family that eats something delicious.” Baby visits the monkeys, the bats, the giraffes and the anteater, but he doesn’t like ANY of their food. So he goes to the river to see what Crocodile likes to eat!”

This is the fourth exciting adventure in the Five Flamingos series

The Yum Yum Tree

The Yum-Yum Tree reveals a truly sticky situation. Baby monkey has climbed up the high, spiky, sticky trunk and can’t get down.

Every animal has an idea for coaxing her back to her anxious mother, but the little monkey refuses to move. However, the flamingos have a cunning plan as always…

The Carnivorous Crocodile

“DON’T GO IN!” cry the thirsty animals gathered round the waterhole. “There’s a carnivorous crocodile who crunches creatures like us”.

But five flamingos lead the way, and that mean old croc is about to learn a lesson he will never forget!

The Mud Monster

All the African animals were afraid of the Mud Monster. They knew it was huge and they knew it was horrible. But none of them had actually seen it. Until one day…

Set in the African rainforest, this is a funny and delightful story about helping each other, overcoming imaginary fears – and bathtime!

Author – Jonnie Wild

Author - Jonnie Wild
Jonnie Wild with his first book

Jonnie has always wanted to be a writer having written stories for his own children for more than 30 years. It was the combination of his passion for conservation and playing with his grandchildren that inspired his first book ‘The Carnivorous Crocodile.’ There are now four books in the Five Flamingo book series,

He has a passion for conservation which started in the 1980’s when his two children inspired him to get involved in conservation back in the 1980’s. They’d been upset after an episode of Blue Peter which had shown the deliberate burning of an area of rainforest in Africa and the devastating impact it had on the wildlife that lived there.

Jonnie promised them that if they planted one tree, he would plant 999,999 and replace the forest. At the time, Jonnie was chief executive of the family firm, Bettys and Taylors. And so in 1990 he and the company launched Trees For Life, pledging to plant a million trees.

Since retiring conservation has pretty much taken over his life. He works closely with The United Bank of Carbon, a collaboration with scientists at the University of Leeds where he was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2011 for environmental and community work.

He donates all his profits from the books to wildlife conservation project Reforest Africa.

Illustrator – Brita Granstrom

Illustrator – Brita Granstrom
Photo copyright Manning & Granström

Brita Granström has been creating children’s books for twenty-five years. She has pioneered Picture Book Non-Fiction since 1995 and her first book ‘The World Is Full of Babies’ (Watts), was the first non-fiction title to win the Smarties Silver Prize.

Since then she has won the Times Education Supplement Award for What’s Under The Bed? (Watts), received five Royal Society Junior Science Book prizes and in 2014 won the English Association Award for the fifth time with Charlie’s War Illustrated published by Watts. Tail-End Charlie (Frances Lincoln) and Books! Books! Books! (Otter Barry books) were nominated for Carnegie Medals and she has been nominated twice for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award the world’s largest literary award.

In 2020 together with her partner Mick Manning she was presented with the SLA Outstanding Contribution to Information Books Award. Paul Rockett, Publisher for Franklin Watts and Wayland, said of her work ‘…warm, charming, beautiful, moving, often bringing in personal insights and experiences to topics which adds a big dose of humanity. The relationship between the artwork and the text is impeccable, and feels inseparable…’

Brita is represented by Lucy Juckes at Jenny Brown Associates.