The big benefits kids get from getting out into nature and learning about conservation

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Kids have a natural curiosity and want to learn about the planet on which they live. They see and hear about the effect of climate change, plastic, extinction and many other environmental issues on social media. We need to harness that curiosity because teaching our kids about the world around them has huge benefits for them.

Mental Health benefits

The best way to learn about the natural world is to go outside and experience it. Being outdoors has a hugely positive affect on mental health. Woodlands are calming, hiking and running in nature is exhilarating and spending time with family doing outdoor activities fosters feelings of belonging and achievement.

Physical Health

Kids today spend more time being inactive than any other generation before. They are more likely to spend their free time in front of a screen than being outside. Take them for a walk, take them bug hunting in the garden or den building in the woods. Time outside not only improves physical fitness but also boosts vitamin D levels – and all whilst learning about the world around them

Boosting self worth and learning responsibility

Kids love learning about the world around them and how they can make a positive impact. The easiest place to start is at home. Begin with simple things, remind them to turn off the tap whilst brushing teeth to conserve water. Encourage them to help sort out the recycling to reduce waste and walk rather than taking the car to reduce pollution. Always explain how what you are doing helps the environment.

These small actions around the home will teach them responsibility, set up good habits for the future and show them that, no matter how small, their actions matter.

It’s their planet… and their future

Pollution, deforestation, climate change and the extinction of plants and animals; these are all problems that affect our children now and will be an increasing problem in their future. It’s so important we teach our children about these issues now to instil in them a passion and respect for the planet that supports them.

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