How to make your garden wildlife friendly

Gardens are important for wildlife

There’s a wonderful miniature world of creatures in every garden. Lift up a stone, peer under plants and sit a while and watch… you will be amazed at how many creatures there are! You may even spot bigger creatures such as frogs, mice and even hedgehogs!

Every day there are fewer places in the wild for these creatures to live as natural habitats are built on or used for farming or their resources. This means that gardens are important for wildlife to thrive. You can make sure yours provide

How can you make your garden wildlife friendly?

There are lots of ways you can make your garden a safe space for wildlife. Here are some ideas.

Weed & Bug Killer

Weed killer and bug spray kills the plants and insects that you don’t want in your garden. However, they can also kill other plant and animal life in the garden.

Hedgehog Homes

Leave a patch of your garden wild to give hedgehogs a place to nest and find food. If you don’t have space for a wild area you can build a simple shelter for hedgehogs

Bird Feeders

Help the birds by leaving out food for them. Different birds eat different food so leave out a variety of things including seeds, nuts, fat balls and mealworms.

Wildlife Pond

Garden ponds are important for many types of wildlife especially frogs and newts. You can build a pond or even use a container to create a mini pond.

Nest Boxes for Birds

There are fewer suitable places for birds to nest in the wild as their natural habitats are destroyed. For many species this is causing a decline in their numbers. Help them out by putting up nest boxes.  

Slug Pellets

Slugs may be an unwanted garden pest but they are also food for frogs, hedgehogs and birds. The poison in slug pellets could also affect hedgehogs health and even cause them to die.

Mini Beast Hotel

Bug hotel’s provide a safe shelter for all sorts of different mini beasts such as solitary bees, ladybirds and woodlice. Follow our guide to building your own for your own garden mini beasts.

Wild Gardening

Wildlife gardens are becoming increasing important as natural habitats are being destroyed and native species need to find new homes. It’s easy to get started – follow our guide.