Garden Birds Guide

There are so many wonderful garden birds to spot in your garden! Sit quietly at a window and you won’t have to wait long before birds begin visiting. You can encourage birds to visit by putting out food for them on a bird table or using hanging feeders.

Make it fun – note down which birds you spot. You could also take a picture of each bird if you have a camera.

Find out more about each bird using our Garden Bird Fact Files below. We’ve listed the birds you’re most likely to spot… with more to come soon!

Garden Bird Fact Files

Find out more about the birds that you’re most likely to spot visiting your garden, what they like to eat, where they nest and what their behaviours mean.

Make a bird seed ball

Winter can be a tough time for birds. During the cold weather they need more energy just to keep warm and with the shorter days they don’t have much time to find the food they need. You can help by putting food out for them.

These simple fat ball feeders are easy enough for even the littlest hands to make.

Make a fat seed ball for birds


Flamingos are really rather fabulous – but you’re not likely to spot them in your garden! As the stars of the Five Flamingo book we thought they deserved their very own fact file. So if you ever wanted to know what flamingos really like, where you might find them and why they are just so pink find out with our Flamingo Fact File!

Facts about Flamingos