We use a lot of energy in our homes. We use energy for many essentials things such as heating our homes, washing and drying our clothes, cooking food and heating water for the bath and shower. We also use energy for entertainment – for our TV’s, games consoles, computers and to charge our phones and other devices. Can you think of any more ways in which you use energy at home?

It’s important to save energy because most of the energy we use comes from fossil fuels. Using fossil fuels is not good for the environment and causes pollution and climate change. Here are 8 easy ways to save energy at home.

Turn Off Lights to save energy

Turn off Lights

Turn off lights when you leave a room. This is especially important in the darker winter months when we use electric lighting a lot more often. If you have fairy lights make sure you use rechargeable batteries rather than traditional batteries. You could also use lights with a timer so you don’t forget to turn them off.

Close your fridge to save energy

Close the Fridge

It takes a lot of energy to keep the food in your fridge cold. When you go to get something to eat and open the door your fridge has to work harder to keep cool using even more energy. Next time you go and get some food from your fridge don’t keep the door open whilst you decide what to eat. Decide before you open the door!

Don't turn up the heating - put on a jumper

Keeping Warm

Instead of turning up the heating when you’re cold, put on a jumper. Turing down the heating in your house by just a couple of degrees makes a difference to the amount of energy your are using to heat your home. You should also use a timer so that your heating is only on when you are in the house.

Don't turn up the heating - put on a jumper

Washing Clothes

It takes the same amount of energy for your washing machine to wash your clothes no matter how many clothes you put in. Every time you do a wash you should put a full load in. It also takes energy to heat the water your machine used. Washing clothes at 30 degrees, rather than a higher temperature, also saves energy.

Dry clothes outside to save energy

Dry Clothes Outside

Driers use a lot of energy to dry our clothes. Use the sun instead! It’s a renewable source of energy which is free to use and doesn’t harm the environment.

Close windows to keep in heat

Close Windows

Heating your home uses lots of energy, especially in the colder winter months. If you keep your windows closed you’ll stop the heat escaping – and save on your energy bills!  

Unplug your device

When you turn off your TV or games console you may notice it has a little red or green light that remains turned on. This is because it’s on standby – and still using energy.

Turn off screens and play outside

Put down screens

Turn off your games console or TV and go and do something that doesn’t use up energy. Play with toys, read a book, do some crafting or painting or go and play outside.  

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