Conservation at home

Conservation is the protection of our natural world – the animals, plants, water, soil and minerals.

We need to protect wildlife and the places in which they live for our future. We rely on the natural world. However we are destroying the natural world at an alarming rate. It’s a huge problem – but we can all help and the best place to start is with conservation at home.

Our guides look at the problems of plastic, water usage, and energy consumption, what the issues are and how we can reduce our usage. We can also help wildlife by making our gardens more welcoming – and we show you how in our garden guide.

Our Guides


We use a lot of plastic every day. Find out why it’s so damaging for the environment and to help.


Find out why water is such a precious resource and what you can do to reduce the amount of water you use.


Our gardens are important as wildlife havens as natural habitats are destroyed. Make your garden wildlife friendly.


We use lots of energy in our homes. Find out how it effects the environment and how can you use less.

We’re doing our bit too!

All the author royalties from the sale of the books go towards supporting wildlife habitat conservation projects.

We’ve been busy! Our latest conservation project is fabulous! We’ve help to fund 13,000 tree seedlings which have been planted out in Tanzania…