Pond Dipping Guide

About pond dipping

Pond dipping is a really fun way to introduce children of all ages to lots of different plants, mini beasts and amphibians.

Use the experience to teach your kids about food chains, create drawings of the plants and creatures you find and even write about the experience when you get home!

What You’ll Need

  • Nets
  • Tray – deep enough to fill with about an inch of water
  • A guide to pond life
  • Camera (optional)
  • Paper & pens (optional)
  • The Five Flamingo pond dipping record sheets – click here to download.
Pond Dipping record guide

Pond Dipping Rules

  1. Shussh! Always approach the pond quietly so you don’t disturb the wildlife in the pond.
  2. Fill your the tray with pond water (it’s a good idea to get an adult to do this).
  3. Sitting or kneeling near the edge of the pond, lower your net into the water carefully. Move it slowly through the water in a figure of eight.
  4. Lift it out and place it inside out in the tray – you can now have a look at what you’ve caught!

Try and identify what you’ve caught and make a note of it. You could even try making a small drawing or take a photo.

After you’ve finished

Always put the contents of your tray gently back into the pond when you’ve finished. Rinse your tray in hot water once you get home, especially if you’re going to use it in a different pond.

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