Enjoy recreating the Five Flamingo stories or make up your own stories with your very own puppet theatre! 

Once you’ve made your theatre you can use it to retell the stories from the Five Flamingo books and even make up your own adventures! You can create new characters and backgrounds for your theatre too. The puppet theatre is also a great way for parents and teachers to teach kids about wildlife and conservation in a fun and interactive way that kids will really love.

What You’ll Need

  • Colouring pens or crayons
  • Large cardboard box
  • Sticky tape
  • White card (you could reuse the inside of a cereal box)
  • Lolly sticks (or strips of stiff cardboard if you don’t have lolly sticks)

Puppet Theatre Craft

To make the theatre

  1. Cut a large square in one side of the cardboard box. This is for the front of the theatre where the stage will be.
  2. Cut a rectangle out of each side of the box. This is where the puppet characters will access the stage.
  3. Cut a slot to slide the backgrounds into at the back of the box.
  4. Using the white card create your background. You could make more than one background so you can change it. Remember it needs to fill the back of the box and stick up slightly so you can pull it in and out.
  5. Add your own touches to your theatre by putting a sign above the stage or even adding curtains at the front!
Puppet Theatre Kids Craft

Make the Characters

  1. Cut out circles from the white card. Remember you may have several characters on stage at the same time so don’t make them too big.
  2. Draw each of your characters onto the white circles of card. You can copy characters from the Five Flamingo books or make up your own wildlife characters.
  3. Stick a lolly stick* to the back of each character using sticky tape which will be used as the handle.

* You could cut sticks from the left-over cardboard you’ve cut out of your box. If it’s not very thick then stick a few of the sticks together with sticky tape).

Puppet Theatre kids craft

Putting on your play

You can now re-create the Five Flamingo tales with your very own puppet theatre. Start by reading the Mud Monster or Carnivorous Crocodile and get the kids to act out the story.

If you don’t have the books you can make up your own stories and adventures for your characters.

Our puppet theatre

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