This is a really fun activity for rainy autumn afternoons. Young kids love how messy this activity is and how much fun it is having your hands painted! You could also try this again in the spring to show the kids how the colour of the leaves change over the year.

What you’ll need

Paint – in a selection of autumn leaf colours.

Palette/Plate – to put your paint onto.

Brushes and a glass of water to wash the brushes in when you change colour.

Large sheet of paper and hard, flat surface to lay the paper on.

A small, light branch – to be the the tree branches and truck. You could draw on the branches and trunk if you can’t get a small, light branch.

Glue to stick the branch down.

What to do

  1. Lay out the paper on a hard, flat surface. You may want to tape it down to stop it sliding about.
  2. Lay down the branch where you want it and glue it down.
  3. Pour out a variety of paint colours onto you palette
  4. Paint the kids hands, one at a time. Get them to press their hands down on the paper, around the branches, like leaves. Keep going with different colours until you have all the leaves you want.
  5. Leave your tree to dry!
Autumn Tree