Craft Activities

Get creative with our craft ideas.

We’ve got lots of free craft activities for kids to help them learn all about wildlife and conservation – and to have lots of fun too!

We have activities to engage their imagination, fun and practical makes to help wildlife and quieter crafts to keep the kids busy on a rainy afternoon.

Puppet Theatre

With our puppet theatre you’ll have hours of fun making up stories with all the characters from the Five Flamingo stories! Younger kids will need adult help.

Mask Making

Mask Making

Each of our masks is a character from the Five Flamingo books. Kids can pretend to be a monkey, flamingo or even the carnivorous crocodile!

Spot the Flamingo

Spot the Flamingo!

You need to be eagle eyed to play these games! We’ve got “Spot the difference” and “Find the….” games featuring the Five Flamingo characters.

Spider Hand Print Picture craft

Hand Print Spider

Our fantastic hand print spiders are fun and easy to make for little kids! You can get really creative with your spiders, making them dotty, stripy or even glittery!

Colouring In Sheets

Our free, printable sheets featuring mini beasts, flowers, trees and more to colour in! Great as a craft activity or as part of a larger kids conservation project.

Leaf Picture

Leaf Picture

Enjoy making a collage picture with natural materials from your garden or local park. A great activity for autumn when there are lots of beautiful leaves about!

Autumn Tree Monkey

Hand Print Tree

This is a really fun activity for rainy autumn afternoons. Young kids love how messy this activity is and how much fun it is having your hands painted!

Make a fat seed ball for birds

Bird Feeder

Keep your garden birds well fed during the cold winter months with these simple feeders which are easy enough for even the littlest hands to make.

More Activity Ideas

Outdoor Activities

Not only are kids naturally curious about the world around them but being surrounded by nature has huge benefits for their physical and mental health. Get inspired to get out into nature with our outdoor activity ideas.

Jonnie Wild Reading

Read a book

There are four books in the Five Flamingo book series, All author royalties from the sale of the Five Flamingo books go towards supporting wildlife habitat conservation projects in Africa.

Supporting Wildlife Conservation

All the author royalties from the sale of the books go towards supporting wildlife habitat conservation projects.

We’ve been busy! Our latest conservation project is fabulous! We’ve help to fund 13,000 tree seedlings which have been planted out in Tanzania…