Kids Activities

Explore nature, learn about wildlife and get out into the outside world!

We’ve got loads of great kids activities to help children and families connect with nature. Try our rainy day crafts from making hand-print spiders to a whole puppet theatre. Get outside with our outdoor activity ideas like nature scavenger hunts and pond dipping.

We also have guides to garden birds and mini beasts so you can learn more about the wildlife in your local woods, park and back garden!

Outdoor Activities

Go on a wild scavenger hunt

Nature Hunt

Our printable ‘scavenger hunt’ – see how many plants and animals you can spot in your local park, woods or garden.

Go pond dipping

Go Pond Dipping

You’ll be amazed to find out how many creatures make their home in a pond. Follow our guide for safe pond dipping.

Build a wildlife garden

Build a Wildlife Garden

Our guide to building a wildlife garden has ideas on what to plants and how to encourage wildlife into your garden.

Craft Activities

Mask Making

Mask Making

Each of our masks is a character from the Five Flamingo books. Kids can pretend to be a monkey, flamingo or even the carnivorous crocodile!

Autumn Tree Monkey

Hand Print Tree

This is a really fun activity for rainy autumn afternoons. Young kids love how messy this activity is and how much fun it is having your hands painted!

Puppet Theatre

With our puppet theatre you’ll have hours of fun making up stories with all the characters from the Five Flamingo stories! Younger kids will need adult help.

Mini Beasts

Honey bee hive

Bee Fact File

Find out all about bees including how to help them and encourage them into your garden.

Mini Beast Hunt

Mini Beast Hunt

Print out our ‘Mini beast hunt’ record sheet and get out into nature and see what you can find.

Mini Beast Guide

There are lots of different mini beasts. Find out all about them in our mini beast guide.

Garden Bird Guide

Blue Tits

Blue have a special power – find out what it is…


Starlings form a murmuration – but do you know why?

Male House Sparrow

House Sparrows

Find out how to spot house sparrows and much more…

Conservation at home


We use lots of energy in our homes every day. Find out how it effects the environment and how can you use less.


We use a lot of plastic every single day in our homes. Find out why it’s so damaging for the environment and how you can help.


Our gardens are important as wildlife havens as natural habitats are destroyed. Make your garden wildlife friendly.

Get Involved

Getting involved with nature based charities is incredibly rewarding. We’ve put our list together specially with kids in mind.

Our list has information about each conservation charity along with the things you can expect to find on their website – craft ideas, DIY projects, family friendly places to visit, events and resources for schools.