7 easy ways to save energy at home…

We all know that using less energy helps to protect the environment and that if we all make small changes to the way we live it can make a big difference to the world! So here are 7 easy ways to save energy at home. 

1. Turn off Lights

Turn off lights when you leave a room, this is especially important in the darker winter months when we use electric lighting a lot more. 

2. Close the Fridge

It takes a lot of energy to keep the food in your fridge cold. When you go to get something to eat and open the door your fridge has to work harder to keep cool using even more energy. Next time you go and get some food from your fridge don’t keep the door open whilst you decide what to eat. Decide before you open the door!

Close the fridge turn lights off

3. Keeping warm

Instead of turning up the heating when you’re cold, put on a jumper. Turing down the heating in your house by just a couple of degrees makes a difference to the amount of energy your are using to heat your home. 

4. Washing clothes

It take energy not only to for your washing machine to wash your clothes but also to heat the water it uses. Wash clothes at 30 degrees and you’ll save the energy it would have taken to heat the water to a higher temperature.  

5. Dry Clothes Outside

Driers use a lot of energy to dry our clothes. Use the sun instead! It’s a renewable source of energy which is free to use. 

Dry clothes outside and wash at a low temperature

6. Keep windows closed

Heating your home uses lots of energy, especially in the colder winter months. Keep your windows closed to stop heat escaping.  

7. Turn off screens

The TV and computer use up energy even when you’re not using them! When you turn off your TV or games console you may notice it has a little red or green light that remains turned on. This is because it’s on standby – and still using energy! Turn off at the plug instead. You could also do something else that doesn’t use up energy. Read a book, have fun outside or play with toys or a board game.  

What else can I do to help the environment?

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